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Here at PaleoTools we have our own version of the Chicago Pneumatic Airscribe, it is called the ME-9100. We have adapted and modified this tool to make it fossil friendly.


Our improvements include a different bushing which is much harder and supports our solid tungsten carbide stylus. Also, a heat treated cylinder to keep your tool lasting longer.


It also allows you to have the option on the stylus and length of the stylus.


This tool operates around 15,000 CPM and between a pressure of 100-120 PSI (6.9-8.2 BAR)




For those of you who only have one of these tools. but would like to switch between stylus, it is best if you purchase a seperate front end equipped with the proper bushing. If you continually exchange the bushings, you will end up stretching out the opening of the hand piece. The resulting enlargement will create a situtation where the bushing will not stay in.


To accomodate the situation we sell a front end with the "other" bushing installed. This way, when you are ready to switch to a stylus requiring a different bushing, you merely exchange front ends. These front ends can also be screwed on to your CP airscribe.


The pictures below show the several different types of stylus we have and to what bushing the stylus will work in. The reason for a seperate front end for the chisel is inside the bushing. The chisel bushing is made to be non rotating by putting a key in it. The flat side of the chisel stylus sits against the key so that the chisel will not rotate.

Front end with a short bushing to accomodate the 1.5" & 2" point stylus and the 1.5" & 2" engraving stylus.

Front end with a short chisel bushing to accomodate the 1.5" & 2" chisel stylus.

Front end with a long bushing to accomodate the 3" & 4" pointed stylus.

Front end with a long chisel bushing to accomodate the 3" chisel stylus.

*Prices subject to change with out notice
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