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Needles for the pin vise can be purchased in a set. There are 6 differet stylus of tips that are 1.5" in length and 1/16" in diameter. The shapes include point, chisel, 45 degree chisel, oval chisel, pyramidal and skewed pyramidal.


P/N# NDLSET     set of 6 needles   $120.00


Needles can also be purchased individually for $22.00 each. Please specify which shape when ordering.


Upon request, we can also make needles in a 1/64" for $65.00 and 1/32" for $35.00.

Pin vise can be purchased in either a double end or single end as shown. Each pin vise has two collets inside which allow four seperate options for diameter of tips.


P/N# PVDE   double end pin vise  $15.00


P/N# PVSW  single end pin vise    $15.00

Amy Davidson Pin Vice Puffer


The Pin Vise Puffer was developed by Amy Davidson of the American Museum of Natural History in New York. Amy is an exquisite preparator who spends months working under a microscope on very small fossils using a pin vise and carbide needle. Amy got tired of blowing the tiny pile of debris away using a straw or external air source, so she came up with the Pin Vise Puffer. 

It is a dental rheostat air foot pedal connected to an air supply with the outlet of the foot pedal connected to the pin vise through an 1/8" air hose. With this set up, you can lightly push on the foot pedal and get a very small flow of air which comes out around the needle in the pin vise to blow the dust and debris away from where you are working. 

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