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SINCE 1998

Smithsonian using a Micro Jack air scribe
ME-9100 air scribe in use
ME-9100 air scribe
PaleoTools Micro Jack 1

PaleoTools has been a pioneer in the Fossil and Mineral Preparation Industry for almost 30 years. Our commitment to quality and excellence has earned us a reputation as Industry Leaders providing Air Scribes and lab equipment to customers all over the world.

Discover PaleoTools

The project that lead to specialized air scribes for fossil prep

Bill discovered a Hadrosaurid dinosaur in 1988 and assisted with the collection and preparation of the specimen (collected by the University of Utah). It was during the preparation of these fossils that he realized the short-comings of the tools available to preparators which lead us to where we are today.

At PaleoTools, we are passionate about providing top-quality equipment to fossil preparators.

Our team has been serving the industry since 1998.  

We specialize in producing pneumatic tools and lab accessories for fossil preparation. 

We aim to facilitate mechanical fossil preparation through: Finding innovative solutions based on customer input and create technical improvements in fossil preparation methods providing a source for paleontology equipment. 

Browse our site to learn more about our air scribes, lab equipment, and upcoming fossil shows. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


"We use "PaleoTools" throughout our labs and find them to be of superior quality and versitility. I really don't know how we prepared fossils before you guys created these wonderful tools!"


Peter Larsen

President, Black Hills Institute

Black Hills, South Dakota

PaleoTools has custom tools that no other suppliers have. They are perfect for both large and small jobs. The fine pneumatic tools (Micro-Jacks) are perfect for moving hard concretionary matrix off of delicate bases.

Additionally, they stand behind what they sell. They have the experience and expertise to actually devise new tools for those unexpected paleo problems. How many suppliers would even attempt that?

Jim Kirkland

Paleontologist (discovered Utah Raptor)

SLC, Utah

The Micro Jack air scribe series has allowed me to work on fossils that would have been impossible to prepare without this wonderful tool. The carbide points stay extra sharp and are a delight when breaking rocks grain by grain.

Jane Mason

Senior Preparator 

University of Florida

For preparing intricate and rare fossils. The Micro Jack is key. PaleoTools' have always been important and reliable instruments in my fossil preparation.


Adam Lindgren

Ancient Lake Fossil Co.

Air scribes for fossils out in the field

"We began the excavation of British Columbia's first dinosaur bones in the summer of 2003. The bones are in every hard sandstone with a calcium carbonate cement, so we knew that we needed some serious tools to get the material out. We contacted Bill and Jane (PaleoTools) who were very friendly and were an immense help to us in picking out the right air scribes.

Bill and Jane go the extra mile for their customers.

Our initial shipment of air scribes got held up in customs and threatened to delay our excavation, but Bill and Jane sent out a duplicate shipment via courier, which allowed us to proceed on schedule.

The medium air scribes (ME-9100's) were the backbone of our excavation and the equipment exceeded our expectations. Though we were using these air scribes constantly for a period of six weeks, we did not encounter a single problem and did not break a single stylus. During the same excavation both of our heavy duty air hammers (from another company) broke down and needed to be replaced. 


PaleoTools has provided us with an impressive array of air tools that will be able to handle the range of projects we will encounter and the degree of punishment they will subject to."


Richard & Lisa McCrea


Peace Region Paleontology Research Centre  

Paleontologist, Dr. Rich McCrea using a PaleoTools' ME9100

Crystal Mark Inc.
Crystal Mark Swam Blaster

PaleoTools is your

Crystal Mark distributor for all your fossil and mineral needs. 

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1006 West Hwy 13 Suite 4, Brigham City Ut 84302

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