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In 2010 Bill developed the Micro Jack #1. This is our smallest, lightest , most accurate and precise tool that PaleoTools builds. The Stylus is .046" in diameter. Being 1/3 smaller in diameter than the standard Micro Jack means you can get into tighter places with this tool. Since the stylus is very hard to grind to an exact center, all tools are being made with the stylus being locked in place so it can't rotate. Because of this it is not critical that the stylus be groung to the exact center. The tip will hit in the same place on every stroke. This also means that you can resharpen the stylus with a dremel or other grinder by hand and it's not critical to get it to the center line.

The tool is short and very light. The stand tool will come with an 1/8" hose and the shut of valve will be at your air supply end of the hose. It is supplied with an 8' long hose. We can also supply the Micro Jack #1 with the valve on the tool. Pricing for this tool is shown below.


A PaleoTools Exclusive

Paleo Tools Micro Jacks

Ideal for fine, delicate work

Now, for those of you who need to work on small, delicate fossils, we offer the Micro-Jack series. These tools, developed by PaleoTools, begin one step smaller than the Paleo Aro and go down four sizes. They are perfect for fine detail.

  • Lightweight, hard anodized aircraft aluminum handle
  • Operation at 40,000 CPM (above 55,000 for Micro-Jack 2)
  • 1/16" (.063") diameter tungsten carbide styli on all Micro-Jacks
  • Micro-Jacks 3 - 6 chip matrix away , Micro-Jack 2 turns matrix to dust
  • These tools require a MINIMUM of 100 PSI in order to work (however, they consume less than one CFM of air so a small compressor usually works fine)
For more info see
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(S&H not included - see ordering info)
Micro Jack 1 (price includes main unit, stylus, and 8' air hose) $465.00
Micro Jack 1 stylus $49.50.00 each for standard 1.5"length
Replacement Styli $55.00 each for 2" length
Micro-Jacks 2-6  (price includes main unit, stylus, and 8' air hose)  $ 440.00
Replacement Styli  $42.00 each for standard 1.5" length
Replacement Styli $49.00 each for 2" length

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